Who Is Behind The Boss Persona

Hello and welcome. My name is Denise Nicole. I'm the boss persona's founder, and I specialize in target market research, brand development, business development, and advertising strategy.

I started my career in corporate America as a marketing specialist back in 2014. During my journey of assisting clients find their audience and build their business, I quickly realized how much of a disadvantage the average woman had in starting her company because of the lack of funds and resources.

I created The Boss Persona because business experts and gurus lacked transparency when it came to the steps required to start a business, step by step, missing important information, costing small businesses, and inspiring entrepreneurs thousands of dollars they did not have to begin with, through trial and error alone.

I've been in the position where, despite working with these companies, I felt as if even though I had the education; I'd take 1 step forward and get knocked back 10, feeling more discouraged each time. However, I always made sure to continuously educate myself to stay ahead of the learning curve in my industry. And I never gave up.

I'm enthusiastic about taking my knowledge and helping women with starting their own companies who are stuck at their 9 to 5 who want a way out, but at the same time, they lack funding, resources and step-by-step complete guidance from start to finish. I aim to use the boss persona to help assist in the growth, encouragement, and empowerment of women who want to be entrepreneurs but lack the required guidance.

Our Areas Of Expertise